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working sailor on the phone

Improved personalized communication:Paramount for the offshore industry?

In my youth, it was still accepted that not everybody had a telephone, even in their houses (way before mobile communication), and that plans were difficult to change solely due to the fact that it was difficult to get hold of people.

Reading time: 1 minute

Today’s young professionals have never experienced an un-connected world. They are used to be connected everywhere, and to make and update plans on the fly. To understand why this should be different only because they are onboard an offshore vessel is hard.

If you shall be able to attract the best young professionals to also work onboard, you will have to offer the best suite of personalized communication including both WiFi and GSM coverage on the entire vessel. They expect to be able to communicate in the same way as on land.

Clients’ complex operations are another major reason for needing improved personalized communication ability. These operations demand highly skilled experts from client or subcontractors to visit the vessels for longer or shorter periods. These experts are very valuable for their employers, and it is mandatory that they can be reached on their normal email addresses and telephone numbers no matter where they are situated. Unavailability in doing so can have severe implications both cost and time wise.

These are only a couple of examples why a state of the art, future proof personalized communication suite is so important for the offshore industry.

Maritime Communications Partner AS (MCP) will be happy to assist in creating the best possible solutions for your needs.