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Voice over IP (VoIP)Telephone services

Calls at low cost to help business efficiency and provide crew welfare

Our VoIP telephone service provides you with low-cost telephony and free calls to the shoreside office or other vessels in your fleet. Calls charges are competitive and are often lower than land-based networks.

Our VoIP services can be integrated with legacy PBX systems, already installed on vessels. Smart, cheap and simple to manage full-PABX solutions are available on request. The VoIP system has a wide range of features like IVR, mobile extension etc for maximum flexibility. To provide your operation with full mobility to work from the vessel, office or home soft phones can be used. International (DID) numbers are available, making the system truly global.

Increase crew welfare and passenger service

Telenor Maritime VoIP Calling Card Service is a Crew Call out service where telephone calls are billed to the shipping company directly to aid crew welfare. With this Calling Card Service, “Scratch cards” can be sold to the crew for their private usage. These can also be sold to passengers with added margin.

The service is user-friendly, revenue generating and gives high quality calls at low rates. Service automatically provides information of remaining minutes to give flexibility and control to the end-user.

Cards can be sold at standard prices or with a mark-up defined by the operator. Crew Calling Cards and Access Codes are available with different values such as 5, 10 EUR and can be bought using e-mail or online using credit card.

Calling Card Hotline and Interactive Voice Function (UVR) are feature that provides easy access to the service. Delivery is based on bulk delivery of serial numbers and access codes provided in a secure email.