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What we stand forWorking at Telenor Maritime

Telenor Maritime is a Scandinavian based company with over 100 professionals mainly based in Norway, Finland and Sweden. Our head office is in Arendal, Norway.

Responsible business

In everything we do– delivering secure connectivity services and technological solutions – we stive to be responsible towards our customers, employees, and society. We follow Telenor’s high ethical standards and code for how we do business, promoting proper business practices and reflect relevant laws, regulations and internationally recognised standards. We have zero tolerance for corruption. We have focus on Supply Chain Sustainability, setting high requirements to our suppliers and following up with inspection and risk mitigation. We work with strong partners sharing our ethical standards.

Enabling the green shift 

To provide connectivity to the industry – what has that to do with the green shift?

Combating climate change is about supporting and empowering societies, people, and businesses. We believe that enabling the maritime industry to get the same access to technology at sea as we have on land, will make it possible to reduce the environmental footprint of the industry. It will enable them to operate their business differently allowing reduced travels and emission, monitoring of cargo in real time and discover potential interruptions, leeks or damages, and prevent wasted goods. By leading the digital transformation at sea we contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Equality and gender pay

As part of Telenor we are an equal opportunity employer who considers diversity to be imperative to the way we do business. Equal pay is critical for Telenor to be able to attract, retain and engage employees across all markets. Furthermore, as a responsible business it is important that Telenor also within the compensation area sets high standards and implements robust and sustainable practices.

Equal pay for Telenor means that employees within the same function shall, as a key principle, receive equal pay for work of equal scope and responsibility. Any pay differences for work of equal scope shall only be attributed to difference in employees’ level of skills and experience relevant to the respective roles and/or individual performance. Telenor aims to secure equal pay across all functions and levels of the organisation and conducts yearly group-wide analysis and action planning in all business units to understand and address any gender pay gaps.

You can learn about our findings in the annual Equality and gender pay report
(PDF document – Norwegian only).