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CareersWorking at Telenor Maritime

Skilled people, committed to everything we do, are the key to our success at Telenor Maritime.

In Telenor Maritime we are committed in everything we do. Our skilled people are the key to our success. The fact that our products are unique in the market makes us proud. We develop our technology and products continuously to secure our position as the leading partner in digitalisation for the maritime industry and critical communications on land. You will be working with the best people in all fields, in a global environment characterised by innovation and development. We encourage our people to explore new possibilities, to break new grounds and to collaborate to find the best solutions. By creating together, we inspire and learn from each other, allowing us to grow every day!

Our people are working as technical experts in mobile, wi-fi, satellite communications, IoT, network and cyber security. The Telenor Maritime organisation is represented by software developers and programmers, sales directors, marketing professionals, people working with customer support and monitoring of services, people managing IT, quality assurance, finance and human resources.

Telenor Maritime is a Scandinavian based company with over 100 professionals mainly based in Norway, Finland and Sweden. Our head office is in Arendal, Norway.

Great place to work

We believe that it is the combination of our culture, the strong winning teams, challenging and exciting tasks allowing people to shine and grow, that makes us a successful workplace. We believe this creates engaged and motivated people and the reason why we have long lasting relationships with our people.

Our culture

Our people are our most important asset. Staff who enjoy their work will make the company thrive. Being able to provide a great place to work is vital to us. Offering good employment terms and benefits are at the foundation of our organisation. But what we are most proud of, is that the work culture is what our employees value the most - the flexibility and openness, to be a part of a winning team, to collaborate with and be inspired by others, to freely speak one's mind, to have fun with colleagues and to feel that what 'you do' matters.

Openness and flexibility

We value the voices and ideas of our people and give them possibility to influence the way we do things in the company and in their roles. We value flexibility. We think flexible work conditions will help our people to make the most out of their day and balance work and family life in the different aspects of life. When we trust and believe in people, we gain loyalty, engagement and commitment in return.

Learning and development

To learn new things and develop is inspiring and motivating. We encourage our people to take responsibility for their own learning and development, to learn new things and continuously improve their skills to be ready to meet the future. As part of the Telenor Group, we can offer all our employees a learning platform with thousands of available courses.