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Hiring principlesWorking at Telenor Maritime

To be able to reach our high ambitions of being a global leader in digitalization at sea and critical communications on land, we need the best people in our teams!

When we recruit, we follow some key principles on how we find our future colleagues.

We are committed to our equal opportunity policy at every selection stage. We believe that diverse voices lead to more profound conversations, solutions and results.

We hire people who are passionate about our Vision, motivated by our Mission and live up to our Values. Therefore, we put high emphasis on finding the right personality to our team.

We hire people for their competence and talents, and the using the time needed and techniques that best suit to find evidence of the skills the candidates have.

Integrity and privacy is important to us. We will process personal data at any time in accordance with local privacy laws and regulations. This is based on a voluntary, explicit and informed consent from you.

Our ambition is that all candidates have a good experience, whether or not we sign a contract. We follow a thorough recruitment process with frequent communications throughout the full process.