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A better customer experience for your passengerswith our Wi-Fi Service Portal

At Telenor Maritime, we are focused on delivering excellent customer experiences at sea by connecting passengers to what matters most. 

Reading time: 3 minutes

Our Wi-Fi Service Portal gives ship owners a versatile digital information platform to communicate with passengers and crew on their own personal devices. It displays the range of on-board services available during each voyage, including restaurants, tax-free shops, wi-fi packages and entertainment. By connecting passengers to the services they are looking for, we make their journey as smooth as possible.

Coinciding with Shippax 2023, Telenor Maritime is excited to announce the launch of version 3.0 of the portal, introducing two new functionalities that make in-demand services more accessible, flexible, and profitable for the passenger fleet. A Content Management System (CMS) now enables ship owners to customise the portal through a simple and user-friendly interface, and the addition of a Pre-Sale Portal enables passengers to pre-purchase a wi-fi package when it is most convenient for them.

Freedom to customise: CMS

With the new CMS, the platform is even more flexible for ship owners. The CMS enables customisation of information; making changes, adding or removing pages or managing wi-fi packages has never been easier. The land-based system is accessible anywhere, and data syncs automatically to the on-board server that runs the Wi-Fi Service Portal. The CMS can be managed by the ship owner’s marketing department or by external partners, and access controls allow delegation of admin rights for different users to edit specific content nodes.

Buy when it suits you: Pre-Sale Portal

The new Pre-Sale Portal feature enables passengers to purchase wi-fi before their journey starts. Making wi-fi available to passengers at the port or while planning their journey expands the conversion window, increasing the number of wi-fi packages sold, especially with the use of targeted campaigns for specific groups and segments during the booking process. The passenger has the option to buy a wi-fi voucher on the ship owner’s website, via a link in a booking confirmation email or by clicking on a marketing ad. Passengers may also access pre-sales packages at lower prices for better value. The Pre-Sale Portal gives passengers the safety and flexibility to purchase wi-fi vouchers when it is most convenient, without stress. If the voucher is not activated, they need not worry – an automatic refund is provided for any unused vouchers after the journey.

One platform, countless possibilities

The Wi-Fi Service portal version 3.0 is ideal for passenger vessels where an excellent customer experience is a top priority. We connect passengers to wi-fi, entertainment and on board services to make their journey smooth. As a digitalisation partner, we equip the fleet with innovative solutions to achieve the ship owner’s strategic goals and to deliver the best passenger experience at sea.

For more information about the Wi-Fi Service Portal, please contact Roger Vimme, Sales Director Ferry: roger.vimme@telenormaritime.com.

Roger Vimme Head of Sales +47 907 83 495 View full profile

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