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Connecting passengers on board Ambassador Cruise Line

The new cruise line, the first in operation in the UK for over a decade, will be sailing in the Mediterranean, Greenland, N. America and Iceland. Telenor Maritime has advised on the network design and installation, providing a suite of connectivity products for the cruise line’s first ship, Ambience.

The solution is a combination of Ku-band VSAT and mobile broadband backhaul, that will provide connectivity to passengers’ devices when roaming into the mobile network on board. Bandwidth will also be used by Ambassador Cruise Line to provide competitively priced Wi-Fi to guests and crew

VSAT backhaul has traditionally been expensive, and for small cruise lines, it has been difficult to negotiate better prices given the relatively low volume. Telenor Maritime’s flexible capacity model for smaller fleets gives customers great flexibility to scale capacity to demand - at an affordable price.

“We are sailing in Europe, Caribbean, North America and Greenland - such global coverage comes at a cost. With Telenor Maritime’s flexible business model and global connectivity, we can be sure that we are paying the right price for the capacity we need.”, says Gary Hides, Chief Technology Officer at Ambassador Cruise Line.

Telenor Maritime has over 400 roaming agreements worldwide, ensuring that Ambience’s passengers can stay connected with their friends and family at home, during their cruise holiday.

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