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storylines mv narrative

Connectivity for a luxurious residential community at seaTelenor Maritime to provide connectivity for Storylines

With global connectivity and remote work opportunities, residents on board the residential ship MV Narrative will enjoy unique, memorable and life-changing experiences while travelling the world in their global residence.

Telenor Maritime has assisted Storylines in designing the on-board network and advised on best network architecture to ensure superior coverage and efficiency. MV Narrative’s complex network must cover a myriad of connectivity needs, both IoT and personal: OEMs, TV and entertainment, electronic door locks, the internal phone system and personal device connectivity among many others.

Providing a good internet connection to residents and crew is Telenor Maritime’s number one priority. There are many remote working entrepreneurs running their businesses from the ship, including Storylines with their headquarters on board. With the largest business facilities at sea, the ship can offer shared workspaces, private offices, a reception area, conference rooms and impressive event venues.  The expectations for quality and coverage of the network are very high and the best available service with high speeds that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, including in the middle of the ocean are provided on board.

Lounge area
MV Narrative's many communal spaces will include resident lounges on all resident decks, a world class library, quiet spaces, work lounges and more.

“Internet connectivity is a key component of today’s society, making it essential in everyday life; both for operational and leisure usage. Therefore, it is one of the key elements of Storylines’ IT projects. Storylines is committed to providing the best possible level of internet access, no matter what route the ship takes.” – Dr. Krzysztof Kontek, Storylines IT and Telecom Manager.

Dr. Krzysztof Kontek 
Dr. Krzysztof Kontek


After Telenor Maritime delivered detailed and precise documentation that met all the requirements and exceeded expectations, Kontek was convinced that they were the right partner to deliver on Storylines’ high connectivity ambitions.

“While working on the specification, we were impressed with the professionalism of the sales director and the engineers on the Telenor Maritime team. All the work was completed in a timely manner, and the management is very flexible in coming up with solutions that fully meet our conditions. Telenor Maritime is able to provide comprehensive solutions that fully meet our requirements and expectations. The work that Storylines and Telenor Maritime have conducted together thus far has been very smooth. We are pleased to be working with Telenor Maritime as a technology partner for Storylines’ ship MV Narrative.”


For more information regarding press release, don't hesitate to reach out to us!